About me

Hello! Thank you for dropping by. I’m Donnamarie Lewis, Wife, Mum of two, plus 2 fur-babies, living in the New Forest.

Dancing from the age of two, Ballet has always been my passion. I performed regularly alongside my schooling and went on to train at the Royal Ballet in Battersea. I lived and breathed dance! However, the time came when I had to choose whether to make it a full-time career – an incredibly challenging vocation – or whether to continue with my academic studies. I chose the latter.

As I’m sure you can relate, life happened. I met my husband, had my beautiful family and dancing became a distant memory. I missed it immensely.

As soon as my daughter was old enough, I encouraged her to start dancing, but she just didn’t have my passion. Instead, she’s becoming an incredibly talented aerobic gymnast, winning Gold at the British Championship last year. Having a dance background, my daughter’s coach asked if I would train their gymnastics team to help with their technique and fluidity of movement – of course, I said Yes! I’ve now passed my Level 1 Aerobic Gymnastics coaching qualification.

The years of dancing took a toll on my knees and ankles and I’ve suffered many surgeries over the past two decades, the most recent being in August 2017. In order to recover as best I could, I started Pilates classes…and fell in love with it! From here, I was recommended a Barre Fitness class, something I’d never heard of. I soon learned that it was a workout combining Ballet, Pilates and Yoga, set to high beat aerobic music – it sounded perfect!

With my dance background and qualifications, I already held the criteria required to start the training…
After months of training in the studio, and whilst waiting to be taken down for major surgery on my ankle, I received the email I’d been waiting for: I had passed the assessment and was qualified to teach the Barre Concept exercise regime!

Donnamarie Fitness was born, classes in Adult Ballet, Barre and Pilates were formed, and are getting great accolades and results. I credit my success to my style of teaching. I believe that no one is too young or too old for dance and movement and that an encouraging family-style community builds confidence and empowerment.

Please check out the variety of classes I offer on this site, you can book easily using the form, or feel free to contact me directly to discuss any personal requirements or one on one sessions.

I look forward to training with you!
Donnamarie x

Donnamarie is a phenomenal instructor, she’s understanding, patient, knowledgeable, committed, and above all, she cares. I can’t recommend her classes enough, and I also couldn’t pick out my favourite – they’re all brilliant. If I ever struggle with anything, Donnamarie is always so helpful and supportive. She makes everything easier and more achievable. But most of all, she genuinely makes fitness fun and I’m always excited for the next class. Thanks for all you do, Donnamarie!

– K Mason.

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